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C. L. Polk arrives on the scene with Witchmark, a stunning, addictive fantasy that combines intrigue, magic, betrayal, and romance.

Miles Singer trades luxury, comfort, and his real name in exchange for surgical training and seven year’s service in Aeland’s Royal Army. Now home after a haunting, terrible war, Miles takes a job as a physician in Kingston’s cash-strapped veteran’s hospital, hiding the magical gift of healing that would land him in a witchcraft asylum, or worse–returned to the bosom of his power-hungry family.

His quiet life is shattered when an emergency lands a poisoned witch in his caseload, brought into his hospital by the most handsome man he’s ever seen–a man who, after uncovering Miles’ powers, proposes that they investigate the murder of Miles’ patient…together. As they follow the trail of the witch’s poisoner, the sister Miles fled returns to convince him to take his place among the noble families who control the fate of Aeland–as a magical battery and a second-class citizen.

As Miles resists his sister’s demands and his detective partner’s charm, Miles stumbles on the national secret that cost his patient his life…

Nominated for the Nebula, Lambda, Locus, Aurora, and winner of the World Fantasy Award

“Polk’s stellar debut, set in an alternate early 20th century in an England-like land recovering from a WWI-like war, blends taut mystery, exciting political intrigue, and inventive fantasy . . . The final revelations are impossible to see coming and prove that Polk is a writer to watch for fans of clever, surprising period fantasy.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Polk has created an amazing new world with hints of Edwardian glamour, sizzling secrets, and forbidden love that crescendos to a cinematic finish. WITCHMARK is a can’t-miss debut that will enchant readers.” —Booklist, starred review

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Coming in February 2020 – Stormsong.  Return to Kingston in this absorbing political fantasy that explores the consequences of the terrible revelations at the end of the Nebula and Lambda Literary Award nominated Witchmark.

Grace Hensley doesn’t have a spare moment. With terrible cyclonic blizzards threatening to bury Kingston, the favored daughter of disgraced traitor Sir Christopher Hensley is responsible for setting turbulent Aeland back in order–without letting its most terrible secrets escape.

When the woman Grace admired from afar threatens to turn those secrets into front-page news, Grace can’t just bury the truth undisturbed. She must face Aeland’s past and solve a problem that all her power – political and magical – can’t fix.

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Read Publisher’s Weekly’s Starred Review – “a superb sequel blending political intrigue, witchcraft, and queer romance.”