Two Books without Music: My Persnickety Playlist Needs

There's something really unusual about the creation process of both Witchmark and its sequel, Stormsong: they were mostly written in silence. I'm usually a playlist maker. I usually write to music, a habit that sparks debate among writers about whether sound or silence is the better environment. Now with my fanfic, I was forever making… Continue reading Two Books without Music: My Persnickety Playlist Needs

I’m Attending a Conference!

I am attending When Words Collide in Calgary, Alberta, from August 11-13, 2017! I'll be seeing panels and doing barcon as an attendee. I'm looking forward to attending Taxes For Creative Folk, The Book of Sensations, and Worldbuilding the Lazy Bastard Way. I won't have any swag, but I will have business cards, and they're… Continue reading I’m Attending a Conference!

Nine Things I Try to Do When I Feel Creatively Drained

I declare a vacation. Usually about a week long. I don’t look at any of my work during that week. I get out my paper journal and pen and I write in it every day. I just brain-dump, all my complaints and worries and selfish egotistical thoughts. I’m writing to purge myself of the crap… Continue reading Nine Things I Try to Do When I Feel Creatively Drained